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CigarBriefcase is a cigar tracking software which will help you keep track of the cigars you have smoked and the cigars you have got in your humidor. A large cigar database with over 2000 cigars is also provided. CigarBriefcase is free for use.


Version History:


23.11.2003 (Nor)

Nyhet: Norsk versjon er lagt ut. Samme funksjonalitet som engelsk versjon 1.2


23.11.2003 (Eng)

Version 1.2 of CigarBriefcase is released.


-         Problems when printing details of a cigar without Name or Brand. This is now fixed.

-         When creating a new cigar database and checked the “Make this the default database”

      checkbox. This did not work properly. This is now fixed.


04.10.2003 (Eng)

Version 1.1 of CigarBriefcase is released (some minor bugs fixed from version 1.0)


25.09.2003 (Eng)

Version 1.0 of CigarBriefcase is released.